The Supreme Court Press was a God send via Google. I jumped on the Internet and there you were. I knew nothing about printing and submitting a Supreme Court brief. The editor took my hand and lovingly guided me through the dense, legal forest. He answered all of my novice questions, gave positive feedback and friendly encouragement. All of us, in my case, could not be more happy to have run into the Supreme Court Press!

Journalist Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson

Our experience with Supreme Court Press has been Excellent. Someone has always been available for even the most the trivial questions. we received practical tips and great advice that i believe assisted in ourefforts to get certiorari. Supreme Court Press never presented the company as merely a printer. Supreme Court Press has provides us with a place to go for all of our needs relating to this petiton.


Thank you. i'd also like to add, the Supreme Court Press, in my humble opinion, is a first rate operation. Our experience with them is that they are very knowledgeable about appellate court rules and extraordinarily professional.


I felt the editor process was amazing and i wish i could hire Supreme CourtPress for all of my briefs . . . with regard to the initial brief i feli that the help i received was way more than i expected. i expected formatting issues to arise but as far as the editing for content, and the suggestions that were made, i found them all to be extremely insightful and very helpful.


The Supreme Court Press was more to us than just a printer. You helpedus step back from our passion-driven sense of purpose to right this wrong. Between edits and suggestions, we were able to step back andSupreme Court Press was like a silent senior partner that raised our level of performance.


We were impressed and totally satisfied with working with the supreme court press. It was liberating not to worry about the dozens of intricate formatting and procedural rules that must be followed before the supreme court will accept a filing. We could focus on developing persuasive arguments and explaining why a writ of certiorari should be granted.


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